How To Avoid Bringing Your Business To Its Knees

When business was going well and my confidence was high, I thought I could do recruitment of staff on my own without speaking to the experts … so I “Broke The Rules” and  messed up, resulting in unnecessary costs which almost annihilated my business. It was a very frightening, expensive, exhausting and stressful experience.

It was easy to do because the promises, with written proof, were so good they couldn’t possibly be “fiction”, could they? It’s human nature to trust what one sees and hears without establishing authenticity.

I broke the cardinal rule of not sticking to my area of expertise. To make matters worse, I had access to all the experts I needed for this exercise:

  • The Recruitment expert who has all the tools to check for authenticity, objectively;
  • The Marketing expert who has employed many people in her extensive career; and
  • The Labour expert who specializes in all the necessary legalese.

Be warned – don’t think you can do it on your own. There is no reason why you should even try. Don’t believe everything you are told, and most of all do not be naïve.

Avoid my experience by …

  • Contacting the experts and seek their advise
  • Checking previous work contacts and employers
  • Speaking to suppliers
  • Insisting on “wriggle impossible” contracts
  • Setting performance targets and make them non negotiable

You have everything to lose – protect your business and avoid severe stress levels.

So be careful when recruiting staff and speak to the experts before you sign anything at all.


About Vicki Hooper

Victoria (Vicki) Hooper has worked in the conference industry since 1993. She started working with Venue Finders. In 1994 she formed her company Venue for Conferences in Africa. Prior to this Vicki worked in the fields of journalism, marketing and human resources. Her experience in these varied fields is extensive. Follow Vicki on Google+

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